Modern Old-Fashioned Cuphead is Finally Served

Having been on Cuphead all week long after waiting three years for it, I’m glad it came out as great as it is. Cuphead looks all fine and dandy, but it is a hell of a fun challenge. Emphasis on challenge. Expect to be stuck at a stage or boss learning its quirks before you can move on. Make sure you’re equipped with appropriate equipment before running into a stage and be open to retries.

Pro Tip: Make sure you buy one shot and one charm from Porkrind in the beginning. You will be stuck with those two choices for a little bit due to lack of gold coins in the beginning, so pick wisely! I ended up choosing the Spread Shot and the Smoke Bomb Charm. These two helped me big time for the Slime boss, specifically.

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Destiny 2 Is Worth the Wait on PC!

–Or get it now on console!! PC won’t get it until 10/24/2017… T. T

If I were to give you one word to describe my experience with Destiny 2, it would be “fulfilling“.

Destiny 2_20170905221720
The Farm

<vlog coming soon!>

It took me a little under a week to complete the campaign and master all Hunter subclasses, even if I restarted a character part-way. Oddly enough, the character I brought back from Destiny 1 made me feel like the intro to the game didn’t fit the Exo race due to the whole intro, but after some thought I decided to kick it with my Exo Hunter like the good ol’ days anyway. 😀

Words of wisdom to those who’ve yet to pick up for PC (or console):

**Pre-order the game for cool freebies! The game is worth it anyway!

  1. ALL DLC, except the Emotes and Emblems, will be unlocked AT THE END of the campaign, even pre-order Coldheart and Kill-Tracker Ghost shell. (All emotes and emblems are in your hub vault ASAP). They are also obtainable in-game at one point.
  2. If you have money to get the Expansions out of the way, BUY the DIGITAL DELUXE. (Note that Digital Deluxe is the $100 pack, the $90 pack is Expansion Pass only). DO NOT base it off the emote, emblem and sword, it wasn’t worth it. (You get them all in-game and the sword was post-campaign along with a cooler sword).
  3. If you are looking to save money or can wait to buy the Expansion Pass, DO NOT BUY the fancy editions and just stick to the Standard edition of the game.

You have been warned. I would have rather spent the extra $40 on silver for bright engrams when I hit Level 20. I would’ve gotten cooler stuff.

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Destiny 2 is at Full Capacity

Guardians! It seems some of us are queued to play in Destiny 2.

10 minutes into launch… Got in at the 25(ish) minute mark.

I don’t know if Bungie still has yet to open their servers or they totally underestimated their player base…

Server crash, perhaps?

Anyone playing yet? XBO or PS4?

X.B.O.X. Project Scorpio Edition Pre-Orders are LIVE! (UPDATE: AMAZON BACK IN STOCK!)

As of 8/24/2017 @ 9am PST, Amazon just updated to have availabilities!

As of 8/21/2017 at 9am, all retailers listed by Microsoft is out of stock!

No blah blah here! Just click for a list of retailers! November 7, 2017 is the release date!!


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Is Microsoft’s New X.B.O.X. for You??

This is the biggest new question when it comes to new console announcements this generation is: “Why would I want to buy this if I can play the same games on my current model?” 

The easiest answer, of course, is: “Because I want it“.

With Microsoft’s new Xbox One X, literally abbreviated “XBOX” (I called it right here at tnhU over the whole weekend), we need to ask oursleves this question. To elaborate why I would or would not buy an XBOX on the practical level, read on.

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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Brings So Much to the Industry

Microsoft is one of the huge conferences gamers are waiting for this week, and they do not disappoint. We finally see and expect the Xbox’s Project Scorpio, now renamed! On top of that, we have a ton of new games coming from Microsoft for consoles and Windows 10.

2017 E3

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E3 2017 Major Stream Schedule

It’s been a quiet few month in the gaming industry and a busy few weeks for us over here at tnhU! We are back, though, with the schedule of major streams from the biggest gaming convention held annually at the LA Convention Center: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)!!

2017 E3.jpg
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Here’s the schedule and the YouTube links to watch them live or archived! Most of them can also be streamed from Twitch! Continue reading E3 2017 Major Stream Schedule