Looking Ahead! to November 2017

I can’t belive the months are flying by! I told myself I wouldn’t be playing some games, but I ended up playing the Nintendo Switch Release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and South Park Fractured but Whole on PS4 this month.

–But enough of this month! Let’s look towards November 2017! We’ve got a couple good things coming our way once again!

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Modern Old-Fashioned Cuphead is Finally Served

Having been on Cuphead all week long after waiting three years for it, I’m glad it came out as great as it is. Cuphead looks all fine and dandy, but it is a hell of a fun challenge. Emphasis on challenge. Expect to be stuck at a stage or boss learning its quirks before you can move on. Make sure you’re equipped with appropriate equipment before running into a stage and be open to retries.

Pro Tip: Make sure you buy one shot and one charm from Porkrind in the beginning. You will be stuck with those two choices for a little bit due to lack of gold coins in the beginning, so pick wisely! I ended up choosing the Spread Shot and the Smoke Bomb Charm. These two helped me big time for the Slime boss, specifically.

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YouTube Migration Done!

Hey all! Just a quick update before we resume all our podcasts!


From this point on we will be posting out our content on YouTube. All previous podcasts previously on Soundcloud will remain there, but we’ve also transferred them over to YouTube for uniformity. So, here’s a quick list of our first 5 episodes re-upped on YouTube. Continue reading YouTube Migration Done!

Impressions of Major SoCal Conventions

So SoCal Convention season is over and we’re just at awe at what we’ve been given to wait patiently for. Games, anime, movies, tv shows, collectibles, you name it! Here’s a take on what left a mark in our minds and piqued our interest up to this point!

We will discuss our favorite E3 announcements, as well as our Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con experiences right here! Listen to the discussion or read on for my own side of the story.

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Is Microsoft’s New X.B.O.X. for You??

This is the biggest new question when it comes to new console announcements this generation is: “Why would I want to buy this if I can play the same games on my current model?” 

The easiest answer, of course, is: “Because I want it“.

With Microsoft’s new Xbox One X, literally abbreviated “XBOX” (I called it right here at tnhU over the whole weekend), we need to ask oursleves this question. To elaborate why I would or would not buy an XBOX on the practical level, read on.

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