YouTube Migration Done!

Hey all! Just a quick update before we resume all our podcasts!


From this point on we will be posting out our content on YouTube. All previous podcasts previously on Soundcloud will remain there, but we’ve also transferred them over to YouTube for uniformity. So, here’s a quick list of our first 5 episodes re-upped on YouTube. Continue reading YouTube Migration Done!

tnhU: Migration to YouTube

Hey all!



Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. After careful planning and research, we will be moving forward by migrating our past v-logs to YouTube this next couple weeks and posting all our new content exclusively there as audio-only podcasts (at least for now).

We will be changing all the links on our pages to reflect this change in the coming weeks, so bare with us a little while we migrate to a new platform to allow us to continue our tradition of sharing our experiences to you all.

We were initially hesitant to head into YouTube since the demand there is a lot higher, as well as the pressure of making video content over audio content, but as we are running out of minutes on Soundcloud and no major blog income, we will go to YouTube with confidence!

I hope you all support our move and look forward to more things we plan to share with you all! 🙂

-tnhU team

tnhUnity’s First Birthday and a Soft Reboot in Content Delivery

For our first year anniversary, we want to share new ways to enjoy our content without dredging through miles of text and with new and improved features

So, I wanted to make a quick snippet for you all about what our V-logs are all about.

Listen and read on!

Continue reading tnhUnity’s First Birthday and a Soft Reboot in Content Delivery