Looking Ahead: September 2017 Launch Lineup

September marks off the start of this year’s overbooked month of games. This month we will be seeing AAA titles from a decent roster of devs ranging from sports, fighting, FPS, RPG, racing, indie and retro re-releases. This month is totally a cup(head)ful!

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Electronic Arts (EA Games) Kicks off E3 with a Bang…ttlefield!

This year’s EA Games Press Conference kickstarts E3 with a handful of Battlefield, Battlefront, sports and a new IP! Mostly a feature reel for most of their games. We will see more about their new IP at the Microsoft Press Conference on Sunday. Here are their trailers in one handy playlist. Thank you, EA!

I think I’m super hyped for the Anthem announcement! Too bad we won’t see more until the MS conference.