Introducing, Gamer Grub!


Hey all!

Just wanted to make a quick introduction to one of our writers, Lady Rei Shiro, who had come up with a themed culinary series called Gamer Grub.

She will be sharing some bomb recipes themed from video games. Her first few are themed with a dash of Monster Hunter and is appropriately named, Felyne Kitchen.

Take a look at her first post for Ginger Malfestio Roast! 🙂 I’m so down to trying out this baby out. Yum!

She will be posting here and there, so make sure to drop in and check out some recipes she shares! 🙂

Gamer Grub: Felyne Kitchen’s Ginger Malfest Roast

Hey everyone, welcome to the first edition of Gamer Grub! Tonight we are exploring the Felyne Kitchen in the world of Monster Hunter — Monster Hunter Generations, specifically. Our dish for the evening is the Ginger Malfest Roast!

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Monster Hunter Stories…Stories!

MHST Logo.jpgSorry for the lame headliner, but that’s kinda what we do. We’re corny, fun and a little eccentric. Plus, we like sharing our stories! So, stick around!

Now, I opened up like that because Monster Hunter Stories presents just as quirky. Behind the serious calamity looming over and bonds built and broken all over, it is a fun and funny game that does not hesitate to pull the puns out all over the place. But that’s not all it is. Just like The Witcher 3 can be the new golden standard of open world fantasy RPGs, Monster Hunter Stories should be the golden standard for  JPRG spin-offs.

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Monster Hunter World Special Broadcast

On June 20th, Capcom hosted a live broadcast for Monster Hunter World with some details and new live gameplay footage. If E3 didn’t pique your interest for this hunting game, then this should.

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MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (PS4), before Sony’s E3 Coverage is done

I can’t help to bottle my excitement for one of Sony’s announcements, so here I am before the full E3 episode was even over…


CAPCOM has just announced MONSTER HUNTER WORLD for the PS4!

Us here at tnhU love our Monster Hunter, so this one is a huge unexpected announcement. Super HD Monster Hunter on Sony’s current gen. We thought XX on the Switch was a big announcement…

I will update with the trailer once the presentation is over.

Monster Hunter X(Generations) to XX, What Data is Transferred?

Thanks to a useful guide on Capcom’s Japan site, we now have information on what gets transferred if you played Monster Hunter X (Generations in the US) and plan to transfer it to XX (or whatever the localized title will be).

MHXX Data Transfers.png

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) will be released in Japan on March 18, 2016. Continue reading Monster Hunter X(Generations) to XX, What Data is Transferred?