FSU Year 02: Lighting and Shading

FSU LogoThis time we’re going back to Maya and 3D scenes. Instead of animating or making models, we will be manipulating lights and settings to make an interesting scene with convincing materials and textures.

I hated matching every single detail at first… Each of our scenes had to look EXACTLY as the reference image provided. As if we needed to get the exact value for each setting. I say this because this is, by far, the most strictly graded class in my 2 years at FSU at least if you get Professor Sakson.

I learned much about lighting, hypershading, materials and texturing in this class, but the class was poorly set up with the online lectures being inconsistent live classroom recordings and demos and the other instructor had 2-hour sessions of pooely planned content. More on these later.

Despite the interesting and essential knowledge provided in this class, Lighting and Shading with Tony Sakson and Tony Bagsby is totally one of my most disliked class right beside 3DF…

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FSU Year 02: 2D and 3D Animation, with the Checkpoint Class: Project and Portfolio II

FSU LogoHey guys! It’s been a while since I reported back about my Full Sail educations. That’s because the last couple classes were very related to each other. They were the fundamentals of animation in 2D and 3D. So, I thought, same concepts, same teacher, why not same report? To top it off, we closed off basic animation with the checkpoint class: Project and Portfolio II, where we apply the culmination of all the new skills we learned from the last 2 classes in animation.

Let’s get to it. Animation is fun. Hands down. There are still ton’s of intricacies and technicalities specially in 3D animation, but either way it is fun. So far, I think of all the things I’ve done in the last (almost) two years, animation is the most enjoyable topic I’ve tackled to date.

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