Looking Ahead: September 2017 Launch Lineup

September marks off the start of this year’s overbooked month of games. This month we will be seeing AAA titles from a decent roster of devs ranging from sports, fighting, FPS, RPG, racing, indie and retro re-releases. This month is totally a cup(head)ful!

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Fallout 4 Getting GOTY Edition

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Not much else to say since the title says it all! The $100 pip-boy edition is also available. 🙂 September 26 is coming fast! Check out the Bethesda store for their listings! Here’s their full article on the release!

Chime in where it counts and stay tuned to our V-log and coverage of Fallout 4 when the GOTY comes in. We’ve been waiting for this release before we launched our thoughts on the game from 2015. We thought it was a good update to the franchise, but lacked some depth in many other aspects.

Bethesda Softworks’ E3 Press Conference for Dinner!

Bethesda has always done well with their E3 conferences since 2015. This year’s is no different. Let’s delve into the new things they announced in Bethesdaland and dissect what we thought was coolest!

2017 E3

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E3 2017 Major Stream Schedule

It’s been a quiet few month in the gaming industry and a busy few weeks for us over here at tnhU! We are back, though, with the schedule of major streams from the biggest gaming convention held annually at the LA Convention Center: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)!!

2017 E3.jpg
Image from GameSpot.com

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