Monster Hunter Stories…Stories!

MHST Logo.jpgSorry for the lame headliner, but that’s kinda what we do. We’re corny, fun and a little eccentric. Plus, we like sharing our stories! So, stick around!

Now, I opened up like that because Monster Hunter Stories presents just as quirky. Behind the serious calamity looming over and bonds built and broken all over, it is a fun and funny game that does not hesitate to pull the puns out all over the place. But that’s not all it is. Just like The Witcher 3 can be the new golden standard of open world fantasy RPGs, Monster Hunter Stories should be the golden standard for  JPRG spin-offs.

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Monster Hunter World Release Date

A bit of awesome news came by yesterday and finally, it is about Monster Hunter World’s release date. Check out the trailer I’ve attached below from TGS 2017.

We are finally getting a larger emphasis on story in this entry. That’s a good thing. Maybe they learned a thing or two from Destiny 2, which has a good amount of content without having each of them be mandatory of each other.

What do we think?

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Monster Hunter World Special Broadcast

On June 20th, Capcom hosted a live broadcast for Monster Hunter World with some details and new live gameplay footage. If E3 didn’t pique your interest for this hunting game, then this should.

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MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (PS4), before Sony’s E3 Coverage is done

I can’t help to bottle my excitement for one of Sony’s announcements, so here I am before the full E3 episode was even over…


CAPCOM has just announced MONSTER HUNTER WORLD for the PS4!

Us here at tnhU love our Monster Hunter, so this one is a huge unexpected announcement. Super HD Monster Hunter on Sony’s current gen. We thought XX on the Switch was a big announcement…

I will update with the trailer once the presentation is over.

CAPCOM Ports Announced! Switch Support in Question?

So, CAPCOM is infamous for their constant HD remasters and burying their other IPs that need dire attention. This week is no different. We are getting one remaster port, one upgrade port and a weird statement regarding CAPCOM’s future with the Nintendo Switch.


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The Legend that Faded Away to Memory

GetMeOffTheMoon Banner by Joseph Ramirez.jpg
Banner for Campaign to Bring Back Mega Man Legends 3 by Joseph Ramirez c/o

With the Mega Man Universe in shambles since its IRL Dr. Light (Keiji Inafune) left the scene, we are left wanting for more. More to the story of the biometals. More to the legend. More to the connection of all these lives. More importantly more to how to get Volnutt off the moon.

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CAPCOM Also Ruined my Childhood…

A few days ago I was talking about how CAPCOM built my childhood with the Mega Man X, Legends and Breath of Fire IV.

Today, other than Monster Hunter, CAPCOM has ruined my hopes by means of forgetting the beloved Mega Man franchise (and many others)…

170427 My childhood games

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