“What do you guys like to play?”

Hey Readers!

We just wanted to give you a little insight as to what type of game we like to play over here. Our entire team is made of gamers at heart, so it’s nice to share about who we are as gamers, as well. 🙂


Sebastian Reid (Sylphrit): The Lore Whore

SR SylphQuite the all arounder, but RPGs are his defining genre, both western and Japanese. He tends to get distracted quickly with sports games, salty with competitive games and bored with tactic games, so he prefers to skip those kinds of titles.

Sidescrollers are a super close second! Growing up with MegaMan X4 and Castlevania, this genre stands right behind his love for RPGs.

He craves a good story, but if gameplay can’t pull its weight, he’ll just watch the whole thing on YouTube. (Guys, he loves The Witcher series, but he tried his best to stick around the first game’s old-school combat.)

Favorite titles to date: MegaMan Legends, X4 and Zero // Breath of Fire IV // FFVIII, FFIX, FFXV // Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow // Pokemon Blue, Sapphire, Platinum, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire // Persona 3 // Fable // Fallout 3 and 4 // The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim // The Witcher 3 // The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild // Horizon Zero Dawn // Cuphead // SO MUCH MORE!!

Heidi Faith (Ixara):

Heidz.pngAs the loving wife of Sebastian, she is very supportive of his hobby. She loves the type of games that just keep going. Simulators and random games, for example. She loves the noire era and messing around in games, so she’s spent a good amount of time playing L.A. Noire and GTAIV. She jumps in and out of a good story, as well. FFXV and Destiny 2 have been her more recent entries.

Favorite titles to date: Sims 3 and 4 // L.A. Noire // Grand Theft Auto IV // Saints Row The Third // FFXV // Don’t Starve Together // Destiny 2

Brad (Baron Shiro):

Brad.pngThe Master Hunter of the group. He’s humble enough not to brag, but he should! He’s been with the Monster Hunter series since the beginning and is quite open to a lot of games himself. As a big Nintendo and Sony fan, he leans towards the exclusives to those platforms. His interest and love of games goes as deep as his love for his family. He’s just as diverse as Sylphrit in taste, but excels in doing the right thing a game asks (Sylph is a little more shallow, lol).

Favorite games to date: The Legend of Zelda series // Pokemon series // The Elder Scrolls // Monster Hunter // No Man’s Sky // Anything Nintendo!

Allison (Lady Rei Shiro):Face_Allie.pngThe lovely wife of Brad who is also a mother of a cute, cute, super cute baby girl. She loves to cook and keep us in line, but she is also an avid Hunter when her household duties allow her the luxury.

Favorite games (known) to date: Pokemon series // Monster Hunter

Mic Manaois (Title Pending)

Face_Mike.pngThe man with a ton of ideas. He may be more of the tabletop and entertainment nut, but he drives a good conversation (that almost always goes unrecorded). The brains of the bunch, he always has an answer for you and if he doesn’t, he will make one that makes sense. Not a fan of supernatural horror and clowns, but he can take a good amount of scientific horror. Zombies and monsters are OK. Ghosts and demons, no thank you. Clowns, hell no!

Favorite games (known) to date: The Last of Us // FFXV // Destiny 2