No Man’s Sky R_View

R_View is a series that presents ‘our view’ of the first hours and our initial impressions of a game 😉

No Man's Sky - Atlas.png

With my first experience logged in my day 00 explorer diary, I wanted to give a small taste of what it was like for me to step into the universe of No Man’s Sky.  The game is simply relaxing and invites every gamer’s inner explorer to go out and enjoy each and every distinct planet Hello Games had crafted with passion. Continue reading No Man’s Sky R_View

No Man’s Sky Explorer Diary – Day 00

No Man's Sky - AtlasStarlog 0810:1534

I’ve crashed on an undiscovered planet that I have named Origin I that is –after a good amount of exploring– rich in oxides, plutonium and gold. My ship is damaged and I need to repair the landing thrusters, pulse engine and refuel them both. Initial problem on an alien world: my scanner and visor were damaged in the crash, too… To top it off, this planet I am on is gifted with acid rain. Just my luck.

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FSU03 – 3D Fundamentals, week 1

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I cannot express how overwhemling this class’ first week has been. Phew. I’m glad it’s passed and I was able to understand what we were assigned to do before due dates were made. Fortunately, where the instructions on FSO were vague, Professor Anthony Bagsby made up for in prompt and clear responses to my emails.

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FSU Launchbox, Part II

02 FSU LogoThe second and third portion of my Launch Box for Full Sail University’s Game Art Degree has arrived! It seems that the major items in the primary launch box was shipped separately. The Macbook, scanner and Wacom tablet came separately a few days apart. Continue reading FSU Launchbox, Part II

Things to Know Before Going to FSU, Part I

02 FSU LogoHeads up to all the interested students and potential applicants of Full Sail University!

Here are a few things to cross off your to-do list before applying and before you hit certain classes. I will be covering the application process here as well as the first couple classes now that I’m starting my degree’s proper classes.

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Full Sail University’s Core (two) Four!

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It’s been two months and two classes since I first joined the ranks of Full Sail University’s student body and I have to say the core four have been an eye-opening and educating experience, to say the least. Continue reading Full Sail University’s Core (two) Four!

E3 and the Future of Gaming

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Thanks for joining us today for the birth of a new journey here in tnhUnity!

We wanted to post a little introduction to who we are and what we aim to do. So, without further ado:

We will be around to host discussions, impressions, reviews and let’s plays directly on this blog via our own YouTube channels. For the most part, everything will revolve around this site and our videos will be posted here every week.

We aim to be able to bring our experiences in the gaming industry to you and share our opinions about the new, the old and what’s trending right this moment! We’ll be covering video games for the most part, but we will definitely go about doing anime, TV shows, movies and geeky gadgets here and there, as well.

Keep an eye out here on our blog where we’ll be posting all our videos and discussions all year ’round!

Stay tuned for our RE_view of Pokemon Go and more coming soon! 😀 Continue reading E3 and the Future of Gaming