Pokemon Generations Premier

September 16th loomed past us as the premier of Pokemon Generations was streamed live from the Pokemon YouTube Channel. These 4-minute long webisodes retell some game stories we’ve all experienced from another perspective. With the 2-episode premier past us, I’m still confused with the direction they are trying to take with this project. Have a watch, episode 2 is also linked within the post:

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FFXV Luna Edition PS4 Exclusive to GameStop in the US

Tabata-san announced their fancy new PS4 model, the Luna Edition PS4 (slim). GameStop took the liberty of nabbing the sales to themselves, as they are the leading limited edition console handlers of America now, so it seems.

Image from GameStop.com listing included in this post

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PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.0 “Shingen” Hands-on

The new PS4 firmware gives the interface a slight facelift with larger icons and more readable font and features that make our everyday gaming organization less cluttered.

Update includes a music update to the quick menu, HDR support, interface-lift, easy LAN data transfer to new PS4s and, of course, FOLDERS!

I like the larger icons specially on my shiny new 55″ 4K TV. It helps make the interface more reader-friendly from 10 feet away.

I don’t usually use the quick menu anyway, but the addition of music will benefit those who like to listen to music on top of their games.

HDR content is cool, but let’s see what difference it will make and that’s even if you have your own HDR compliant TV.

My favorite and long time wish list item: FOLDERS. You can now add folders and organize what goes inside. They even allow you choose content from within the folder creation menus. All awesome, I swear. Less clutter and more clean. Kudos Sony!

For a full list and details on what’s new, hit them up on the PlayStation Blog post.