Destiny 2: A Few Pro Tips

We’ve been at it on Destiny 2 for a little over two weeks now, and I figured: “why not make a little tips post on the blog?” So, here I am!

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Destiny 2 is full of information that is not openly shared to us gamers, so we wanted to compile a quick list of things to watch out for while playing Destiny 2 as a new player. As I’ve just said, we are focusing on educating newcomers to the game so a good portion of this will be a waste of time to gamers who’ve sank their jaws into Destiny 2 already. Continue reading Destiny 2: A Few Pro Tips

UPDATED: My PS4 PRO has video flickering problems, what about yours?

**Please read below for an update to this after months of pondering this issue**

During the Christmas season (and our wedding dowries), I got a PS4 PRO somewhere around there and had a blast with higher resolution outputs and solid frame rates. It has been an amazing ride. If I have games on PC I prefer to sit comfortably and re-play, I get it on PS4 now (until the Scorpio rears its head; I’ll be playing Mass Effect Andromeda, Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and Skyrim on that baby all day for uniformity’s sake). It’s all nice and dandy…

Until Firmware 4.50, codenamed Sasuke, came out and made SO MANY things better. I know that’s bad grammar pointing to a false point, but behind all that good, it brought an unexpected cursed mark along with it (apologies for the Naruto pun).

Disruptive flickering (comes in green, white, or limited edition blue versions) and the occasional static flicker that brings the PS4 to complete uselessness.

The fix? Nothing definitive, but here’s what I’ve done so far thanks to numerous tips all over the net…

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Destiny 2 Is Worth the Wait on PC!

–Or get it now on console!! PC won’t get it until 10/24/2017… T. T

If I were to give you one word to describe my experience with Destiny 2, it would be “fulfilling“.

<vlog coming soon!>

It took me a little under a week to complete the campaign and master all Hunter subclasses, even if I restarted a character part-way. Oddly enough, the character I brought back from Destiny 1 made me feel like the intro to the game didn’t fit the Exo race due to the whole intro, but after some thought I decided to kick it with my Exo Hunter like the good ol’ days anyway. 😀

Words of wisdom to those who’ve yet to pick up for PC (or console):

**Pre-order the game for cool freebies! The game is worth it anyway!

  1. ALL DLC, except the Emotes and Emblems, will be unlocked AT THE END of the campaign, even pre-order Coldheart and Kill-Tracker Ghost shell. (All emotes and emblems are in your hub vault ASAP). They are also obtainable in-game at one point.
  2. If you have money to get the Expansions out of the way, BUY the DIGITAL DELUXE. (Note that Digital Deluxe is the $100 pack, the $90 pack is Expansion Pass only). DO NOT base it off the emote, emblem and sword, it wasn’t worth it. (You get them all in-game and the sword was post-campaign along with a cooler sword).
  3. If you are looking to save money or can wait to buy the Expansion Pass, DO NOT BUY the fancy editions and just stick to the Standard edition of the game.

You have been warned. I would have rather spent the extra $40 on silver for bright engrams when I hit Level 20. I would’ve gotten cooler stuff.

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FSU Year 02: Lighting and Shading

FSU LogoThis time we’re going back to Maya and 3D scenes. Instead of animating or making models, we will be manipulating lights and settings to make an interesting scene with convincing materials and textures.

I hated matching every single detail at first… Each of our scenes had to look EXACTLY as the reference image provided. As if we needed to get the exact value for each setting. I say this because this is, by far, the most strictly graded class in my 2 years at FSU at least if you get Professor Sakson.

I learned much about lighting, hypershading, materials and texturing in this class, but the class was poorly set up with the online lectures being inconsistent live classroom recordings and demos and the other instructor had 2-hour sessions of pooely planned content. More on these later.

Despite the interesting and essential knowledge provided in this class, Lighting and Shading with Tony Sakson and Tony Bagsby is totally one of my most disliked class right beside 3DF…

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Celebrating 10 Years of The Witcher

Hey all! I’m a little backed up these past couple weeks and I’m working on an FSU recap for you all tonight and a Looking Ahead episode for next week, but for now, I came across this video from CD Projekt Red as they depart from The Witcher franchise and celebrate its 10 years of monster slaying.

Geralt and family will be missed. It has been a great 10 years of lore, joy, fun, love and sorrow.

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Looking Ahead: September 2017 Launch Lineup

September marks off the start of this year’s overbooked month of games. This month we will be seeing AAA titles from a decent roster of devs ranging from sports, fighting, FPS, RPG, racing, indie and retro re-releases. This month is totally a cup(head)ful!

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Impressions of Major SoCal Conventions

So SoCal Convention season is over and we’re just at awe at what we’ve been given to wait patiently for. Games, anime, movies, tv shows, collectibles, you name it! Here’s a take on what left a mark in our minds and piqued our interest up to this point!

We will discuss our favorite E3 announcements, as well as our Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con experiences right here! Listen to the discussion or read on for my own side of the story.

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FSU Year 02: Art History

July marked a new course for my FSU education and this time, we take a relaxing route by means of Art History. Overall, it was a nice and smooth-going class. Professor Fugate was great to communicate with and she really puts time into talking with her students.

FSU Logo

This recap will be quick since it was a rather straightforward class in general. Continue reading FSU Year 02: Art History