Showcasing My Nintendo Switch Arsenal

Over the last few months since the Nintendo Switch launched, the gear race has fluctuated all over the place from wrong dimensions to iffy quality to awesome gear a few months down.

Take a look at what gear I love to keep handy for my Switch. Maybe it’ll give you guys some ideas. πŸ™‚

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Looking Ahead! to November 2017

I can’t belive the months are flying by! I told myself I wouldn’t be playing some games, but I ended up playing the Nintendo Switch Release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and South Park Fractured but Whole on PS4 this month.

–But enough of this month! Let’s look towards November 2017! We’ve got a couple good things coming our way once again!

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Under the weather courtesy note.

Hey all.

I just wanted to catch you guys up. I’ll post the blog posts without the recordings for this weekend today, and will catch up with the podcast soon after. I caught a bad case of the flu this weekend so my voice is a little wonky.

So bear with me a little as I try to get better with my teas and preventatives. T. T

YouTube Migration Done!

Hey all! Just a quick update before we resume all our podcasts!


From this point on we will be posting out our content on YouTube. All previous podcasts previously on Soundcloud will remain there, but we’ve also transferred them over to YouTube for uniformity. So, here’s a quick list of our first 5 episodes re-upped on YouTube. Continue reading YouTube Migration Done!

tnhU: Migration to YouTube

Hey all!



Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. After careful planning and research, we will be moving forward by migrating our past v-logs to YouTube this next couple weeks and posting all our new content exclusively there as audio-only podcasts (at least for now).

We will be changing all the links on our pages to reflect this change in the coming weeks, so bare with us a little while we migrate to a new platform to allow us to continue our tradition of sharing our experiences to you all.

We were initially hesitant to head into YouTube since the demand there is a lot higher, as well as the pressure of making video content over audio content, but as we are running out of minutes on Soundcloud and no major blog income, we will go to YouTube with confidence!

I hope you all support our move and look forward to more things we plan to share with you all! πŸ™‚

-tnhU team

Destiny 2: A Few Pro Tips

We’ve been at it on Destiny 2 for a little over two weeks now, and I figured: “why not make a little tips post on the blog?” So, here I am!

Destiny 2_20170905220054.jpg

Destiny 2 is full of information that is not openly shared to us gamers, so we wanted to compile a quick list of things to watch out for while playing Destiny 2 as a new player. As I’ve just said, we are focusing on educating newcomers to the game so a good portion of this will be a waste of time to gamers who’ve sank their jaws into Destiny 2 already. Continue reading Destiny 2: A Few Pro Tips

Monster Hunter World Release Date

A bit of awesome news came by yesterday and finally, it is about Monster Hunter World’s release date. Check out the trailer I’ve attached below from TGS 2017.

We are finally getting a larger emphasis on story in this entry. That’s a good thing. Maybe they learned a thing or two from Destiny 2, which has a good amount of content without having each of them be mandatory of each other.

What do we think?

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Looking Ahead: October 2017 Launch Lineup

September is here and we just got through Destiny 2 and working through Monster Hunter Stories, but guess what? October is coming and with it, more games! Oh no! My backlog!

Here’s our launch lineup and our picks for the month. πŸ˜€

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We want your feedback!!


Hey readers and listeners!

We wanted to reach out to the dozens of you who come by our blog for some feedback. As some of you might gather, it’s been a little over a year since we started and a little over a month since we began utilizing podcasting.

Now, here are a couple facts.

First of all, we pay for website hosting from Bluehost and this is mostly out of pocket for now. We’d like to establish a patreon later when we’ve finalized all our content. We don’t mind this since we enjoy sharing our experiences with you guys and it’s nice to know that some of you benefit from our content.

Next, we chose Soundcloud are our preferred platform for podcasting since we prefer the audience there and we don’t have much time to go and keep up with YouTube video editing. We generally record once and do our best to ensure that it is the one we deploy. As some of you know, Soundcloud is finite in its minutes unless we pay monthly or annually at almost the same rates as the website hosting.

So, here’s where we need your feedback.

We want to know if you guys have been listening in and if you guys like it or have suggestions to make things better. In other words, should we keep going?

Β We get comments on the blog content or on the Facebook Social Page, but nothing about the podcasts just yet. Prior to this, we’ve been getting requests for anything that is not reading, so we figured, podcasting or videos.

So, as our Soundcloud timer ticks down from 70 minutes, we want to know if you guys are enjoying the platform before we come in and pay for their service or quit and stick to blogging for the time being.

Otherwise, any sweet ideas from YouTube podcasting to some other brilliant idea is welcome anytime.

We also have our Etsy store, tnhUtilities, for custom vinyl decals if any of you are interested. We are in the middle of stock management, so we’re taking custom work for the time being. This goes directly into our subscriptions and material, so any support would be awesome!

What do you guys think? Please please please chime in to this one for us!

Thank you all! πŸ™‚