A little mini series coming up in the New Year!

Hey guys,

Happy Holidays!!!

Our little trip down to the Rockefeller Center! πŸ˜€ (Nintendo Store is behind me!)

I wanted to drop in to tell you all why I’ve been a little MIA lately other than the holidays, finals, work and life.

I’ve been wanting to create a mini series of how to play a certain game. I won’t spill anything just yet, but come the new year, I want to launch a mini series of podcasts that will help out aspiring players finally get on board a certain game!

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

Happy holidays!!!!!!

My Xbox One X has flickering problems now… It’s my TV?

Previously, I had a few months to stress over the PS4 Pro having flickering issues.

This time, I have the opportunity to see this issue on the Xbox One X.

Oddly, the only thing these two machines hav (generally) in common is their 4K capabilities.

I’m honestly at a loss now, since the old PS4 and Xbox One models had no issues…

Now, I’m really thinking it’s interferance or my poorly updated TV.

What about you guys? No setting changes really make differences for my setup. I’m guessing it really might be my TV now.

Insignia 65″ Roku TV (roku tv 6303X). Apparenly, this line has some flickering issues with other things too, not just consoles.

Huh. Compatibility issues suck. I wish these were ironed out before launch. We normally don’t have these issues in the older generations of consoles.

Warframe Clan Emblem Queued for Approval

I’ve been on Warframe for the entire week now, despite being bogged up with finals and work, and today (since we’re an artsy blog, too), I wanted to post about my request for our tnhU clan emblem to be implemented to the game!

Feel free to look me up on PC if you are interested in joining. I play mostly solo or with a friend or two, but I aspire to get my tenno lab up and running starting with Zephyr, Wukong and Nezha research.


**Digital Extremes: If you find this blog while looking at copyright issues, I’m also the one who requested the emblem on the site! :D**

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Warframe has taken over my life…

After the launch of Warframe’s most recent update, Plains of Eidolon, I have been sucked into the endless loop of farming and grinding all week long (on PC).

Between this mini addiciton and my finals for 2 classes, I’ve still to give you all my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II and Pokemon Ultra Moon (and December’s looking ahead coverage)!

Please stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten! \( >^<)/

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Showcasing My Nintendo Switch Arsenal

Over the last few months since the Nintendo Switch launched, the gear race has fluctuated all over the place from wrong dimensions to iffy quality to awesome gear a few months down.

Take a look at what gear I love to keep handy for my Switch. Maybe it’ll give you guys some ideas. πŸ™‚

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Looking Ahead! to November 2017

I can’t belive the months are flying by! I told myself I wouldn’t be playing some games, but I ended up playing the Nintendo Switch Release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and South Park Fractured but Whole on PS4 this month.

–But enough of this month! Let’s look towards November 2017! We’ve got a couple good things coming our way once again!

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Under the weather courtesy note.

Hey all.

I just wanted to catch you guys up. I’ll post the blog posts without the recordings for this weekend today, and will catch up with the podcast soon after. I caught a bad case of the flu this weekend so my voice is a little wonky.

So bear with me a little as I try to get better with my teas and preventatives. T. T

YouTube Migration Done!

Hey all! Just a quick update before we resume all our podcasts!


From this point on we will be posting out our content on YouTube. All previous podcasts previously on Soundcloud will remain there, but we’ve also transferred them over to YouTube for uniformity. So, here’s a quick list of our first 5 episodes re-upped on YouTube. Continue reading YouTube Migration Done!