“What are you guys all about?”


We are a group of like-minded individuals who bear a passion for games and entertainment. We have different gaming backgrounds and a passion for different themes, but we love getting together and having casual chats and playing games.

Together, we do not want to infect you with the hype, but bring you what our diverse minds think about the great games we get our hands on. We want to offer our straight and honest opinion on the things we loved and hated about the games we have played.

Not only do we love playing games, we love playing TOGETHER.

(That last part makes a difference!)

When we say “together”, we not only mean ourselves, we mean YOU.

YOU will make a difference. YOU will shape our world.

…And together we will unite to create a better entertainment review experience for enthusiasts all around.

What games do you want us to cover?

What gadgets do you want us to discuss?

Curious about what we thought of last week’s episode of a show?

Do you like anime or read manga?

Do you want to see us play more co-op? Multiplayer? Solo?

Are there any theories you want to discuss?

Join us here on our blog to see what we think of the latest and (maybe not so–) greatest the gaming and electronic entertainment industry has to offer, as well as our thoughts on the classics and anything entertainment.

Chime in where it counts to let us know what YOU think via comments and discussions