Warframe Devs, Digital Extremes, hosts final Devstream (#103) of the year. Updates, galore!

Warframe’s been a game on my radar all month long since I last played years ago and my Daily Tribute can vouch for it. Today (12/15/2017), though, Digital Extremes did their last stream of the year and gave out some cool new updates for 2018!

For the most part, this devstream was all about Rebecca Fords custom Lotus Loki Prime skin! I thought that was super cool.

A new Warframe, Khora, will be making her debut soon. She is a whip wielding, attribute swapping femme-fetale, although, she’s still got a lot of polishing to go through.

Other than that, we have a few aesthetic and customizability changes to the game.

Dojo Customizable Obstacle Course. Dojos are the most customizable thing in the game so far, and DE is expanding it even more by adding a giant room that players will be able to customize. This will be fun to build! –but the costs may just be as demanding as most Dojo customizations.

Tenno Personal Room. We will finally have a little living space withing the landing craft. Not just the cockpit and the loading area (and the creepy infested room). This room will allow the players to showcase their favorite loadout a la Iron Man.

In that same room, we get some aesthetic options for the layout and one of the most requested option (apparently) is a fish tank, which can house small fishes caught in the Plains of Eidolon. Pretty neat!

To spice it up even more (in that same room), fish tanks are but one option to add in. There are scenarios you can set up with different environments. Each of these environments can be set up with Warframe action figures… Yes, you read right. The main platform can be customized to showcase a little scenario with little warframe action figures.

I’m going to keep going here. A jukebox adds itself to this same room. They quickly glazed over this, but I’m starting to see the Mass Effect vibe to this room.

Landing Craft/Orbiter customizablility. We used to have one space to customize, now we have many more. Specifically, DE mentions, 4 room to adequately fill with customizable stuff.

To top this off, my buddy in vancouver was a little disappointed that we could personalize our personal space for personal viewing… I totally flipped him of by saying, “Dude! You can visit other tenno’s Orbiter soon!”. End of story.

Ku-bro got his Cat-bro going. New pet partner coming soon in the form of a feline. Pretty nice to have options like this, the Kubrow, or the Infested Kubrow. Keep it coming.

Eidolons are getting bigger. The current Eidolons are about a good ten-tenno-tall, and soon we’ll be seeing a couple more twice as large. As for how they will spawn? That will be up to us to figure that one out, but they will not spawn the same time as the regular ones.

Grineer Ghouls are coming to the Plains. Plains of Eidolon is one of the greatest updates to a game in–ever, but to add more spice to it, we’re getting bounties (and overworld activity?) of Grineer Ghouls spawning from their graves all over the plains to cause tenno more anguish.

Tenno Warriors will also get more customizable idle animations soon. Hopefully, we can get more Tenno mode stuff going this year.

They will definitely be following up with a Hydroid Prime trailer especially since Mirage Prime got hers so quickly in comparison.

For a game to, technically, still be in beta, Warframe has lived up to being one of the most respected games in my library. Kudos to Digital Extremes for all their hard work, and know that I’m a huge Prime Access supporter and platinum hoarder. I hope that keeps business going IRL and for the in-game economy.

Now, if I missed anything here, I’ve found a reddit list recapping all the deets in one place. ^^

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