Monster Hunter World Beta. Were you able to get a few hunts in??

Here’s a nice new trailer to sate that thirst if you held off on the beta for whatever reason.

We were given the premise of World a little while ago and I think the hook is interesting.

Basically, this new landmass our expedition is sent to is a land where the Elder Dragons migrate to at one point in their lives. The team in World is not the first expedition sent out, but here we are. The trailer goes over a couple more characters in the new world of World (lol).

A World Renewed

Monster Hunter World welcomes a plethora of new features that frankly made all my eagerness for a MHXX localization rumor run daft. (For the record, everyday I scour the net for any sign of MHXX hitting English localization, just for the sake of not starting over again in JP–which I have–and now playing MHW’s demo, I could care less).

The biggest feature I’ve been waiting for in any MonHun game is a proper third-person-shooter system. Thankfully, the first thing I wanted to get my hands on were the gunner weapons. My face lit up like an overclocked CPU when I found that a wonderfully dynamic TPS system is definitely set in place. Not only for the Bow-class and Bowgun-classes, but also for the Slinger. This makes gunner classes more intuitive to play and, frankly, less humiliating when you accidentally make a teammate flinch from friendly fire.

Friendly fire, you say? Is it still here? No, sir. It is not. Well, technically it is, but not as detrimental as it used to be. I literally did my best to bother my partner while he was letting loose all his barrage of slashes  at the Great Jagras… Nothing. He kept going. Although, it is definitely present. When idle, I shot him and he would flinch no problem, but fortunately, it is does not hurt combos while in combat anymore. At least not in the beta as I’ve seen with the available quests.

Another thing I kind of noticed that was missing was the hunter’s flinching when large monsters roared. Barroth definitely used to do this. Not anymore. Are earplugs not a thing in World anymore? Devs figured that the Hunters should always prep for that anyway? One of the mantles you can equip seems to protect against it, so maybe it’s locked behind higher difficulties.

Some features we’ve seen before:

Scoutflies, Mounting, Mantles, Singular Armor, Fast Travel, Seamless Maps, Ecosystem

A World of Hurt

A lot of the changes made to World are amazing and life-changing, but some left me a little lukewarm. I’m not sure if I’ll miss sorely needing Earplugs or the need to watch for friendly fire, but I know this makes the game less demanding in preparation and focus, and might definitely be balanced out with other mechanics that need our attention.

A couple things to address that are most likely in beta only:

Monster Tracking; scoutflies only work out of combat, sometimes I’m stuck in combat, though. Paintballs would be a persistent alternative.

Friend invites for multiplayer hubs; the hardest part in the beta was typing in the quest ID!

Difficulty is a little lopsided still. The basic set of quests in the demo were fairly doable, unless you try and tackle the intruders instead.

Last, I do hope only select quests will have intruders in the map. They’re fun to watch and try to alternatively hunt, but if they’re present in all quests, I might start pulling my hair out.

A Worldwide Release

Thankfully, we do not have to wait too long and the entire world will be able to experience Monster Hunter World.

We are set to receive a worldwide release on January 26th, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4! PC is still tentative on release, sadly.

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