December 2017’s Launch Lineup

The last (and fairly short on games) month of the year has already kicked itself off and I am totally late for its launch lineup! So, here we are on an odd day of the week to bring it to you all, last minute style!

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Friday the 1st:

Skyrim VR was a great addition to many versions of Skyrim I have and Bethesda is continuing their dash through VR terrain with Doom VFR on the first day of December.

Right behind it is Nintendo Switch’s first major jRPG title, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Sad to say the vague direction (literally) that plagued Xenoblade Chronicles X is still persistent here with it’s verticality, but the game itself harkens back the old school jRPG with a lot of MMO fetch quests and debatable English dubbing (download the Japanese dubbing, for goodness’ sake).

Tuesday the 5th:

Dead Rising 4‘s definitive edition dubbed Frank’s Big Package is due to launch on PS4 today. I played it on the Xbox One when it first came out and I can still say I enjoyed DR3 a little more. 🙂

Steep: Road to the Olympics is coming to all current generation super platforms this day too. Following its predecessor from last year. If you’re into extreme sports, this may be a thing for you to try.

If you’ve yet to get your grubs on Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC, here’s a nice Complete Edition for you today. Too bad this was totally overthrown by the Switch and Breath of the Wild when this came out earlier this year. I admit I played a little and the hype train had arrived with the Switch.

Last and not least this day is Destiny 2’s first major expansion: Curse of Osiris! I’ll be hitting up the story quests on PS4 and again on PC (when my PC friends get theirs).

**Saturday the 9th:

Honorable mention for launches here, but this is technically not a launch: Monster Hunter World PS4 Beta! You got a PS4? PS Plus membership? Pre-load this beta on Friday, the 8th and join in the fun until December 12! Hope to see you all hunting all weekend.

Tuesday the 12th:

Skipping a week over, we are looking at another Bethesda VR game for the Vive, Fallout VR! I’ll be giving this a shot (if I feel like re-setting up my Vive in my living room).

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One.

CAPCOM is not done with their porting and definitive-fying yet, and this day we get a couple more: Okami HD and Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition both onfor the current gen super platforms.

If you want to keep the CAPCOM fire burning, read our post on their Megaman 30th Anniversary Twitch Stream. They announce a brand new MegaMan game and all the new (and old) Legacy Collections for MegaMan.

As always, stay tuned and chime in! My next post will be on my FSU Art Creation for Games class. 😀 I still owe y’all some games from last month too!

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