CAPCOM’s MegaMan 30th Anniversary Announcements

CAPCOM has been recently known for their porting and definitive-fying. Today is almost no different with their MegaMan 30th Anniversary Stream.

The MegaMan devs wanted to resurrect MegaMan from his demise since Inafune left, and today is their love letter to the fans with more ports, collections and, surprisingly, a new game and a lack thereof.

The legacy of MegaMan is long and great, but it has been far too long since the last new title. Today, CAPCOM announces MegaMan 11 for all major platforms for late 2018.

This is a little lukewarm to me despite the nice facelift. It’s looking good, but nonetheless I may be a little biased towards the later MegaMan titles in the franchise. Thankfully…

The porting of these classically phenomenal CAPCOM games has yet to come to a halt as MegaMan Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are heading to the Nintendo Switch and, to top it off, MegaMan X Collection (as I understand this will include X to X8, so whoopdidoo) for all major platforms!

I’m looking forward to getting all of MegaMan’s legacy onto the Switch, so let’s keep this ball rolling and port MegaMan Legends Collection, Zero and ZX Collections while we’re at it (I would smile at a Battle Network and StarForce collection, too)! Then end it all with Legends 3 and a last ZX to bridge the gap between ZX and Legends. 🙂 Boom. The complete MegaMan timeline from beginning to end.

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