Gamer Grub: Felyne Kitchen’s Ginger Malfest Roast

Hey everyone, welcome to the first edition of Gamer Grub! Tonight we are exploring the Felyne Kitchen in the world of Monster Hunter — Monster Hunter Generations, specifically. Our dish for the evening is the Ginger Malfest Roast!

This dish is only available to experienced hunters, as it requires you to complete  four star and six star quests to unlock the main ingredients: Malfest Roast and Nibleapple.

Everything you will need is:

1 crowned king small Malfest roast (a whole chicken is a suitable substitute)

2 Nibleapples (Gala or Fuji apples are good too)

2 cups apple juice

1 tsp clove

1 tsp minced ginger

2 Tbsp honey

olive oil




Preparation and Starting Out!

To get started, preheat your oven to 400°F. For you Celsius users, I have no idea, you’re on your own.

Just kidding, you’re going to want 200°C.

Amazing Glaze!

Now, you need a small saucepan. Add in your juice, clove, ginger, and honey. On the stove, you’re going to want to bring your mixture to a boil. I suggest the use of a back burner, since you’re going to want to boil the mixture down the 75% to create a glaze. While the glaze is boiling, you can move on to the next step.

Hunting, Carving, Crafting

After you have defeated and de-feathered your malfestio, rinse and pat your bird dry. Place bird in roasting pan and rub with oil, salt, pepper and thyme (I went a little light, you can certainly use much more). Reduce oven temperature to 350°F – 180°C- and roast for 30 minutes, breast side down.

By now, your glaze should be about ready. Remove your roast from the oven and pour the glaze over the top. Return to oven for another 30 minutes, basting intermittently.

Remove roast from oven and turn or the breast side is up. Core and slice your Nibleapples and add them to the pan. Baste your malfestio and return it to the oven for one hour, continuing to baste occasionally.

At this point, your roast may be finished, but it may require extra time depending on the size of your bird. You want to be sure that your meat is fully cooked, so check by poking a meat thermometer well into the breast. You want the temperature to read 165°F or 75°C. If it is not the right temperature, cook longer by 20-30 minute increments.

Mmm! So tasty! (上手に焼けました!)

Your roast is now ready to be plated and carved. Take advantage of any remaining glaze and juices from the bottom of the pan and pour over your malfestio. The apples will be very soft, and will need to be spooned out of the bottom of the pan.

Without additional sauce, the meat is very tender and mild. With sauce, the meat is very sweet and would pair well with salad. In my case, I paired it with mashed potatoes. It is a good, filling meal, and it’s no wonder it comes so much later in the game: With a 40 point health boost, 25 point stamina boost and fire resistance, I certainly don’t feel sluggish after eating this!

I hope you all enjoyed the first edition of Gamer Grub, featuring the Felyne Kitchen! Please leave me some comments or suggestions, and please let me know if you make it for yourself; I’d like to know how it turned out for you!


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