X.B.O.X. Project Scorpio Edition Pre-Orders are LIVE! (UPDATE: AMAZON BACK IN STOCK!)

As of 8/24/2017 @ 9am PST, Amazon just updated to have availabilities!

As of 8/21/2017 at 9am, all retailers listed by Microsoft is out of stock!

No blah blah here! Just click for a list of retailers! November 7, 2017 is the release date!!


Okay. Fine. SOME blah blah here. But you’ll thank me for this tip!

If you want to pre-order and you can’t afford it yet:

Pre-Orders from Microsoft Store, Amazon or GameStop are NOT CHARGED until they ship! Microsoft Store does not offer shipping options. Amazon is always ‘currently unavailable’ and GameStop charges for shipping and has awful customer service (trust me I worked for them in-store).

Best Buy will charge an authorization that keeps being returned and taken randomly. It was suffocating from my Nintendo Switch experience.

We have yet to order from Target, like, ever. So, let us know if they charge if that’s the place you pre-order from!!

Stay tuned and chime in where it counts guys! 🙂 We will be featuring this on tonight’s v-log!

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