Random Recap: August Week 3 (XBOX Pre-Orders and MHW Trailers)


We just wanted to do a quick recap of what this week’s got to offer! It’s not much, but it’s bountiful nonetheless!! 😀

X.B.O.X. Project Scorpio Edition

First off the list: X.B.O.X. Pre-Orders! How will this work? Well, pick a retailer that hosts the big box and order from them. Simple as that!

The Project Scorpio Edition is simply a full-fledged Day One Edition like the original XBOX ONE had in the day. It has a special “Project Scorpio” labelled on the console and controller. Other than that, no huge differences can be expected from the other editions of the console, leave, maybe, the storage space or colors down the line.

Direct from Microsoft, Amazon and GameStop will NOT charge until the item ships. Best Buy will charge immediately (as an authorization) and the rest we haven’t tried (Target).

Check out our pre-order guide with all the links directly to pre-order and some tips on which retailer is right for you. Pre-order while supplies are fresh! 😀


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Monster Hunter World Trailers

Next up, Monster Hunter World trailers! We received some juicy new trailers from CAPCOM this week, both on their official english channel and their Japanese channels. One of which has yet to receive any English updates (so all the gameplay and trailer text is in Japanese).

The first trailer is the Wildspire Waste preview. CAPCOM showcases a nice amount of action in this one. Not only to we stray away from the E3 demo locale and monsters, we are treated to old foes and new ones alike on top of a little teaser of all the weapons in our hunter’s arsenal!

Read up on my fully detailed breakdown post of the Wildspire Wastes trailer right on the blog and links to both trailers are in there too! I didn’t go into too much detail for the “Quest Cycle” trailer (the Japanese one) since Gaijin Hunter did the honors of doing a reaction vid with his daughter and plans on dissecting both later on. Check him out:

A pretty great week for us here even if the subjectmatter only encompasses 2 things.

What do you guys think of these announcements? Are you pre-ordering the X.B.O.X.?? Were you able to?? Are you excited for MHW??

As always, stay tuned again next week for another V-Log and chime in where it counts! So, until then: good night, everybody! tnhUnity: Signing outtttttt!

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