Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Trailer Out Today!

Less words here for the actual badass trailer.

It’s nice to see some old monsters back in this trailer. It put a smile on my face. Now, the new ones, though, cracked me up! Specially the avian-type ‘dos’ monster who likes his rocks. It can deliberately block! Seeing more than the demo armor and weapon was amazing. We finally got a glimpse of the rest of the weapons coming back to the fray. I’m particularly drawn back to my favorite dual blades and insect glaive (that insect glaive looked sexy with dual tipped blades). The armors look especially stunning, as much as we just got a quick glance at them.

Now, let’s start from the beginning.

The trailer is showcasing their desert and marsh (ish) type Wasteland map. Here they show that the entire map will encase a somewhat grassy area all the way to a horrid sandy dunes and crags of where the Barroth and the sand-type piscine monster (Plesioth type?) resides. This trailer is a great opener to our weekend here at tnhU.

They begin with traversal in this trailer. They show the hunter slide once more and sifting through the swamps and swinging onto vines. There we also have a glimpse of…ants? I’m not sure if that will have any role in game mechanics or just a graphic astonishment to the audience.

Then, the monsters are shown old and new. Starting with the Barroth (aptonoths in the back and TPS bow aiming?!). Then the new piscine-type (Plesioth) monster. Followed by the funny avian-type monster who like to pick things up (ROFL). Then a Chameleos-crossed-with-a-pird-looking wyvern. And Diablos…! (Of course the Anjanath and the demo monsters are back, including the traditional Liolaeus/Rathalos)!

All in the mix whilst showing off the monsters, we got a peek at the gear loadouts. The armors look so nice and shiny. The weapons are looking great and thankfully we are treated to more of them in the trailer.

Great Sword is heavy as always. Bow Guns look a lot more versitile especially with (what seems to be) third-person aiming! I’ve never been a fan of aiming in any MH game, but we all make do. This time, with the natural aiming controls, I think I can finally take my gunner class much seriously. Dual Blades are looking classy as ever!! With the demon dance going on. Next up, sniping with another Bow Gun. We are then shown a tiny bit of Switch Axe and Gun Lance action. Hammers are still very destructive, and even moreso from the air. Sword and Shield from the sky looks like something our very own Baron Shiro would enjoy. Another quick glance at the Lance and the Hunting Horn. Finally, to come late to the show, that Insect Glaive is looking great! Not to mention the Charge Blade and the Bow to end it all. We saw the Long Sword in action at the beginning of the entire trailer, thankfully. I thought they forgot it and I had to take a second look.

To end it all (not really), what is that giant monster! It’s a ‘world’ of a flagship!

Felyne Hotdog wraps it all up. LOL

So, did you guys think this trailer was crazy!? Wait ’til you watch this one, it’s the Quest Cycle trailer from Capcom Japan’s channel:

We’ll definitely have a nice long discussion about this game sooner or later. All we can agree on is that it is looking magnificent in its (early?) stages right now.

Stay tuned for more this weekend and chime in where it counts! 😉

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