Looking Ahead: September 2017 Launch Lineup

September marks off the start of this year’s overbooked month of games. This month we will be seeing AAA titles from a decent roster of devs ranging from sports, fighting, FPS, RPG, racing, indie and retro re-releases. This month is totally a cup(head)ful!

Week 1  (9/5, 9/6 and 9/8)

Starting the month off on the 5th is Knack II. The day after (6th) launches Destiny 2. And on the Friday of the first week, a game worth the weight wait: Monster Hunter Stories.

Week 2 (9/12 and 9/15)

Week 2 will start picking things up. My long awaited sequel to Ys franchise hits PC, PS4 and PSVita in Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana along with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, which launches on the 12th. The 15th will be one of the most packed days this month with Divinity 2: Original Sin on PC, Dishonored Death of the Outsider for multi-platforms, Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS and NHL18 on multi-platforms. Phew!

Week 3 (9/19 and 9/22)

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite will bring the war to the livingroom on the 19th, along with NBA 2K18. The Friday right after is September’s Pokemon day (lol). Pokemon Gold and Silver are blessing the 3DS eShop and Pokken Turnament DX will be hailing onto the Nintendo Swtich. And to cap the week off: Project Cars 2.

Week 4 (9/26 and 9/29)

September’s last Tuesday will be the launch of Blue Reflection on PS4 and Danganronpa V3 on the Sony systems. To catch up to the hype, we received word earlier this week that Fallout 4 Game of the Year edition will be coming out of its vault for those who’ve yet to grab it or who do not own the Season Pass. The infamous Pip-boy Edition will be back in very limited quantities once more for those who missed it.

To cup cap the entire month on the 29th, we have Cuphead and FIFA18 on multi-platform, Gundam Versus on the PlayStation and Total War: Warhammer 2 on PC.

What a lively month September is!

Now, what do we plan to play and tell?

This month is the start of big months. Nearing the holidays devs decide to go ahead and release all their games to drain the consumer of their funds. (lol) But, what do we want to play and tell…? Let’s do it in order.

To start the whole month off, a good majority of us at tnhU will be sinking our teeth into Monster Hunter Stories. The demo was released this week and it is a HUGE demo. We are allowed to epxplore the entire first area, collect half a dozen monster eggs and, the best part: no limit to launching the demo! So, if you’re on the fence on this game, check out the demo on the eShop!

The week after, I will be exploring the world of Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana on PS4 and PC mainly. I played a little of the Vita version in Japanese. The rest of the ports are on PC now, so I may play it twice or definitively on PC. The last Ys entry I truly loved was Ark of Napishtim and Oath in Felghana, both are on PC now if you do not have a PSP or a Vita.

Right beside Ys VIII is Metroid Samus Returns. I’m looking forward to this Metroid II remake on the 3DS and it has been too long for a great metroidvania game to bless us with its presence since Hollow Knight (which needs to come to the Switch aleady so I can post my play and tell on it!).

I’m also going to have a taste of Dishonored Death of the Outsider, but I don’t think I will be telling about it in detail since I’ve yet to complete the first 2 Dishonored games. :< Granted, I’m well aware of the synopsis and lore well enough to know what’s happening. Heck, maybe I’ll write a 3-in-1 once I’m done with all of them. But, we’ll have to wait on the X.B.O.X. release since my old Xbox One is sitting inside my closet now after the room redesign I did a few months ago.

We are all definitely going to beat each other up in THREE fighting games this month: Marvel VS CAPCOM Infinite, Pokken Tournament DX and Gundam Versus. The first two would be wonderful to play on the HORI RAP 4 KAI fight stick. 🙂

Finally, Cuphead! The animation style here is so beautifully retro HD, I cannot say no to it… We’ve been waiting for this game for ages! And end of September cannot come any sooner!

Runner up: Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition! This great installment to the franchise hailed us back in November 2015. Now, it’s back. Complete as it can ever be. I have the entire entry with the DLC on XBO and PC, but this will definitely be a thing to grab if you are missing any DLC or have yet to touch it.

Yep! So, that’s our September launch lineup and our plans for our Play and Tell series next month, so stay tuned and chime in where it counts! See ya all around!



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