tnhUnity’s First Birthday and a Soft Reboot in Content Delivery

For our first year anniversary, we want to share new ways to enjoy our content without dredging through miles of text and with new and improved features

So, I wanted to make a quick snippet for you all about what our V-logs are all about.

Listen and read on!

First of all, our blog will still be the hub of all our content all over, so please stay tuned here at for all our content.

Next, our YouTube and SoundCloud channels will supplement our blog posts from now onward!

Why the change!?

We wanted to bring you a brand-new platform to enjoy our content. I understand that sometimes getting to sit and read long articles is impossible for certain lifestyles, so that’s primarily why we’re launching on visual or audible platforms.

Reviews and impressions of announcements, trailers, games, tech, and events are still around, just further enhanced. We still stand by our goal to share our experiences in the gaming industry to you all, no matter what facet of gaming that is.

Facets of gaming, huh?

For example, at the time of this V-log, I am currently taking a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Game Art at Full Sail University. When I was lost looking for a general educational path, there was nothing about how these institutions work unless I talked to a “sales rep” or advisor of some sort. (Which I eventually did, anyway). So, I want to share my experiences in FSU to all of you who are interested. How much did it cost me? What did I have to do? What have I accomplished? As well as reviews and recaps of classes that I take so you guys know what to expect if you end up heading into FSU yourselves!

Art, art, video game art.

Another thing about us: we are all artists here, through and through, so we wanted to have a platform where we can share our work to you all, seeking to inspire or be inspired.

A New Direction

We’re always open to trying new things here, and with that being said, we came from being full-on reviewers, to casual bloggers, to lost in purpose, and back to casual bloggers. This time, given much thought in the formatting aspect of tnhU, we want to casually announce a new direction of content delivery that we will be launching starting in August 2017.

One thing stands firm: We want to share our experiences with you! This was always our matra to abide by. This time we want to make it clear that we don’t write reviews per se; we share what we felt, saw and experienced and tell you guys all about it. Simple as that. Whether it’s a game, a critic review, or just a rant and a rave, we’ll be around.

What’s Up Weekends (and Wednesdays)! From now on, we will always be posting something on weekends (and occasionally on Wednesdays for those mid-week goodies we just can’t hold until the weekend). Our ultimate goal is to present you all with some nice casual experience-sharing every week for any sort of topic. This isn’t just for the sake of goal setting; it is for consistency. What we’ve done until now is post something as soon as it pops up. This time, we want to save it all for a specific time so there is always something to look forward to weekly on the same time frame.

We don’t want to be part of the current events wave; we want to be the aftershock that leaves us all in awe of what’s to come next.

Monthly calendar previews! One of our biggest new v-logs that we plan to launch is a discussion of the events and launches scheduled to release the following month. We will recollect what those launches are and call dibs on what we want to play and write about. We will also get the community (you guys) to chime in with your suggestions about what launches you want us to cover for that month, if we haven’t called dibs on them yet.

Annual Convention Recaps! As we all know, we are treated to a yearly supply of industry news and announcements by means of giant conventions to attend. We, in the West Coast, get the opportunity to watch or attend E3, Anime Expo or Comic-Con and we plan to tell you all about it!

Our Future

We have tons of things we want to implement to our network to make tnhU a chill place to hang out, so we hope to see you all around! Chime in wherever and whenever you can and follow us all over the place! I’m sure there’s a place for you guys in our numerous social circles!

So, for now, tnhU signing out!

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