FSU Year 02: 2D and 3D Animation, with the Checkpoint Class: Project and Portfolio II

FSU LogoHey guys! It’s been a while since I reported back about my Full Sail educations. That’s because the last couple classes were very related to each other. They were the fundamentals of animation in 2D and 3D. So, I thought, same concepts, same teacher, why not same report? To top it off, we closed off basic animation with the checkpoint class: Project and Portfolio II, where we apply the culmination of all the new skills we learned from the last 2 classes in animation.

Let’s get to it. Animation is fun. Hands down. There are still ton’s of intricacies and technicalities specially in 3D animation, but either way it is fun. So far, I think of all the things I’ve done in the last (almost) two years, animation is the most enjoyable topic I’ve tackled to date.

Let’s talk about 2D space

2D animation was great. We drew frames one by one as best and simple as we can. Beginning with a bouncing ball, then a bouncing ball with a string attached, and finally the human sit-to-stand, jump and walk animations.

It was fun doing this class as I always enjoy manual drawing. Frame by frame may be tedious but it was incredible seeing your drawings come to life like it did in those grade school flip books we all used to do in our textbooks…LOL

Now, to add the 3rd D in the fray

3D animation was less ‘great’ than 2D. There are tons of technicalities involved here. Maya is the program of choice once again. This time we dabbled within the animation, rig manipulation and key framing aspects of the program.

It’s much like posing a puppet and taking snaps of each movement in a key pose. The challenge to this class was to be able to get the physics and weight accurate and realistic. These are where the faults come to play. I have taken mundane tasks like walking for granted. I couldn’t understand what I had to do to be able to make my walk look legit.

In the end, my Stu ended up looking very robotic in his 2-step walk. LOL

Checkpoint Classes always Suck!

Like last time, where I had to fail my class due to personal reasons and having the hardest time modeling a carnation flower, this time’s Project and Portfolio II is just as demanding. It’s the finals of the topic block.

This time, we’re to create an entirely animated scene based on a few scenarios. I feel like I was so helpless at the beginning of this class. I felt very unprepared.

Going through the month, I realized that I was unprepared. Such is the cycle of life at Full Sail Online. We are given classes lasting a few months to get a good grasp of fundamentals, which still feel like we don’t understand the topics taught, but still get awarded As or Bs, even if we weren’t confident in getting those grades. Then a Project and Portfolio class comes along and slams us in the face with a hard wall. What just happened here?

Why do I feel so unprepared? Even after months of hard work learning these new concepts and applying them to receive decent grades? I’m not even the only person in class who feels the same. Some classmates of mine have voiced out to me regarding the same feelings. So, again, why is that? I suppose we’ll see in the third Project and Portfolio class in a few months.

I’ll be doing a giant recap of my FSU Year One sometime soon. I want to do that from now on. Individual clusters or classes, then a year-end recap. It’ll consolidate everything and make the blog less cluttered. 😀

Any questions, guys, feel free to shoot a comment anywhere tnhU resides, and I can help out with what I’m learning!

Stay tuned for next time: Recap and my more grueling Lighting and Shading class! XO After that, we will have a physics, math and a final checkpoint class before Year Two closes up! I’m so excited!

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