Nintendo Direct Hangover: Switch Edition

I write this as I wait in line to pre-order!

Okay, so if you’re reading this, then I’m sure you’ve seen the January 12th Nintendo Direct. Oh, you haven’t? Go ahead, I’ll wait. No, really, this line is long, go ahead.

Done? Cool. I’m sure you’re as stoked as I am, and I’m eager to know what your favorite part of the presentation was, so be sure to tell me below, but first, let me show you my favorite bit:

There, do you see it? Yes, the controllers, but, more specifically. No, not the colors. No, not the duality of it, either. Here, look closer:

Yes, the “Capture Button!” According to the Nintendo Direct, this button will essentially function like the share button on the Sony PS4 Dualshock Controller, allowing you to take screenshots and, down the road, videos as well.

This, my friends, is a boon for us here at tnhUnity, and everywhere on the internet, as it makes grabbing screenshots for the sake of reviews a cinch!

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a release on March 3rd, 2017, and boy it can’t come fast enough! Remember, share your favorite moments below, and until next time: tnhU, Signing Out!

One thought on “Nintendo Direct Hangover: Switch Edition”

  1. Honestly, if the capture button will function like the PS4’s share button as well as record and capture good quality and a decent amount of games, then heck, Microsoft honestly needs to revamp their Xbox DVR thing. Pfft. I’m writing a little article about my stand on the console wars. and god nintendo will be catching up fast with the Switch!

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