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Persona 5’s prequel anime, The Daybreakers, still has a vague plot. Athough, the style and maturity of the theme is very welcome. Can’t wait for more to come and for the game to come around.

The story revolves around 4 characters and cat named Morgana. They are a mysterious group called The Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They have the ability to see inside the human heart and take away a certain aspect of it. In this episode, the group passes judgment on a lockpick who is in a real-world gang of thieves that beats up his little brother to abate his guilt for founding the gang he runs robberies with. What was stolen in his heart is apparently his arrogance.

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Of course, the protagonists still employ personas, and this time they are personas of popular figures of culture, like Captain Kidd.

After their case was closed, it left me wondering how they got these powers and if they will show us their origin in the anime or the game. All past Persona game followed the theme of regular dude fated to earn great powers starting with the words, “Thou art I and I art Thou”. So, how is this Persona game going to begin? Will we find out more in the anime? Or will the anime simply be a taste of what kind of protagonists we will be having this time?

Either way, the art direction bleeds (literally) style and a ton of red. It seems to be a very mature theme and Igor is back (with a deeper less creeper voice) calling the main Protagonist a “prisoner“. Hmm.

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Catch us here to help us analyze what comes next. Until then, tnhU: Signing out! 😉

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  1. Persona 5 will be accessible Worldwide on April 4. Persona 5 for the PS3 and PS4 is not getting a retail released in India. The game’s Distributor Sunder Electronics confirmed this to us. No reason for Persona 5‘s no show was given by the company.

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